Dedicated to education for success, Nathan Chanesman is a leading expert on student recruitment and career management. He is Founder and CEO of The MyProfile Group; creators of MyCareerMatch and MyCourseMatch assessments, helping millions of people achieve success in their careers and personal enrichment in their lives.

Online and Home Study Guides

Many find studying or working from home difficult. MyCareerMatch Recruit uses its proprietary software to understand who you are, your strengths and weaknesses and applies this knowledge to how best you can study or work from home. Each of us approaches tasks differently with the process and outcome determined by our personality as to how…

Attracting Adults to Study Online

For many universities marketing to adults, online study can substantially increase student enrolment. For instance, most regional universities rely heavily on their local catchment schools to provide students. The difficulty is student school numbers vary year by year and the attraction of larger city campuses will divert young people away from you Marketing to Adults…

Increase university retention by providing quality career advice to school leavers before they apply

Thousands of first-year university students drop out each year. While it has traditionally been the responsibility of high schools to help young people explore their further education options, universities also have a role to play in educating future students at the high school level in order to increase retention rates and ensure young people benefit from their university experience.