Issues facing educators and students when it comes to career, course and institution choice.

Inspiring students to consider careers in technology starts at high school

Australians lack awareness about what technology jobs exist or how to get into them, according to a new roadmap to solving the sector’s hungry for more workers. An outstanding report prepared by The Tech Council of Australia , Accenture and Digital Skills Organisation titled Delivering 1.2 million jobs – “A roadmap to create a thriving…

Industry 4.0 is changing how products are manufactured and how goods and services are delivered

 Industry 4.0 is changing to how products are manufactured and how goods and services are delivered. This will have significant impact on careers of the future, employment, learning and much more. For technology end users, Industry 4.0 (also known as the 4th industrial revolution) is a nearly invisible revolution. It doesn’t involve the construction of…

Increase university retention by providing quality career advice to school leavers before they apply

Thousands of first-year university students drop out each year. While it has traditionally been the responsibility of high schools to help young people explore their further education options, universities also have a role to play in educating future students at the high school level in order to increase retention rates and ensure young people benefit from their university experience.